Our Story

   Sisters Elizabeth, DeAnna, and Marie became interested in music at a very early age. Following their father's footsteps (professional musician and drummer for Porno for Pyros' Peter DiStefano), they learned how to play instruments and sing, quickly progressing to writing their own music and lyrics. Understanding the impact music has on peoples' lives, the three sisters felt the urge to share their ideas and sometimes controversial views through their music. 
   In early 2014, Elizabeth with her unorthodox drumming patterns and sassy vocals, paired with DeAnna's harmonious guitar riffs, and gluing it all together with Marie's heavy bass lines, created a distinct serious sound and decided to move up to the ultimate level and to organize as a band. In mid-2015, the idea came to fruition and the band EMLDZ was formed. 
   Future plans for the EMLDZ include touring and appearing wherever their message can be heard. Their first single will be released late 2023.